Pu-erh Slimming Tea

One way of losing weight that seems to be growing in popularity is drinkingpu-erh slimming tea slimming tea. One of the most popular slimming teas that are patronized in the market is the Pu-erh slimming tea a Chinese slimming tea.

There are six major categories of Chinese teas, each labeled by the degree of fermentation achieved during processing: Green teas are unfermented, Oolong teas are semi fermented, and black teas are fully fermented. Pu-erh (Yamamotoyama: Pu-erh, Chrysanthemum) tea belongs to the compressed tea category.

The name Pu-erh recounts to this teas place of origin – Pu-erh village, Yun Nan province of south-west China. Traditional Pu-erh teas were pressed into cakes, bricks or balls. This compression facilitates the post-fermenting process – which is as noted the distinguishing feature of this tea. Fermentation in tea production is comparable to the process that happens naturally when fruits discolor. This process is identified as enzymatic oxidation. In tea production the process is controlled via suitable application of temperature and light at the correct processing stage.

There are numerous health benefits Pu-erh can give you. According to studies, Puerh Tea’s health benefits include the lowering of blood lipids that assist with the prevention of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and slimming.

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Pu-erh Tea Benefits

There are also evidences that drinking two three cups a day can efficiently reduce the body fat this is the result of the research done in Roche Institute in Lorraine. At the Hospital St. Antoine in Paris trends were confirmed. The experiment showed that three cups of Pu-erh a day for 30 days got fat in the blood to fall 13%.

Many researchers also observed that in the north western region in China of Xintian with their major diet is beef, mutton and cheese, all extremely high on fat but the population is very slim and have not gained weight despite their diet. One of the main reasons they suspect is that they regular have a high consumption of the local brick-tea, Pu-erh.

Pu-erh slimming tea is brewed into a dark red colour, and has a bold, earthy taste. Pu-erh if taken regualry will help you digest fatty foods, increase metabolism and help to reduce your cholesterol levels.

It is perfect to take this tea throughout the day especially after meals. Plus, some users have noticed a drastic improvement in their skin’s appearance, including a natural ‘glow’, and a reduction in the signs of ageing.

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